Zamzama United

As you have Read About our Whole Football club, I know you have specifically come here on how your child can join Zamzama United Academy?, well I am not going to  waste your time with huge articles giving you absolut nonsense.

First of all, your child has to be atleast 8 years old to join Zamzama United Academy and his age cannot be more than 16 years.

Your Child, if he fits in this age group he can have a 3 day trial for free, to let him feel the environment, coach's ways of teaching and then decide whether he thinks he should join us. After all, we wouldnt like to waste your money. 

The admission fees is a one time payment for bringing your child in the academy which is 7000/- Pakistani Rupees Only! and our Monthly fee is 2000/-Pakistani Rupees only!, Well lets leave this we can discuss this later on when you meet Sir Rafique in person and you can get the Admission form at Rahat Stadium on Fridays(7:00 to 9:00), Saturdays(7:00 to 9:00) And Wednesday(5:00 to 7:00) from Sir Rafique. You can also visit this week's schedule to see the altered timings so that you can come on the right time.

After your child joins Zamzama United! He will come to know that there are two age Groups, one Senior and one Junior having different timings, Every week the timings will be issued on this website and verbally told to your child but we can let you know the specific weekdays for the Juniors And Seniors.

Juniors: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Seniors: Friday, Saturday, Wednesday

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